Friday, January 8, 2016

Rasam, SOP , Brain and soul

My mother asked me..."how is Rasam today". I said...."it it tastes bit better and spicy...".  With all smile she said..." yes...i made bit spicy rasam powder this time".

She must be making Rasam from past 45 years. With the standard recipe passes on to her mother. Every one who has eaten her rasam swear by it with its consistent quality and taste.

Even after 45 years of making she doesn't feel to bored with her standard operating procedure and doesn't hesitate to make improvement. And still search for smile on her customers, her family, face when they relish it.

Standard operating procedure, passion for customers satisfaction and process improvement is key to any process quality.

Process quality= heart+brain+soul

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Escalation in pyroll - ASK & TELL

Payroll or any operation receiving escalation from customer is one aspect of day to day work. While one of the main concern in operation is with respect to internal teams escalating and ask for support for issues which they face. Instead we see team making these issues and resolutions as part of the regular process without fixing it for long term.

Main issue of non escalation internally steams from culture to ask for help. Probably stemming from functional expert's behaviour of I-know-how-to-fix . It is true we hire functional experts in operation  because they know it. While it is very important not just the functional expert but full organisation  and learn from day to day issues.

This requires a personal behaviour understanding as well organisational cultural shift.

We can look at day to day issues from two perspective:
  1. Cause of the Problem and Understanding of the active Solution for the same.
  2. Knowledge level of the above.

This perspective will help is driving
  1. how the operation team and team members ASK or TELL the issue for
    • Proactive resolution
    • Team to learn and fix these for long term solution
  2. How Managers should adopt to following styles to support
    1. Coaching 
    2. Mentoring
    3. Training
    4. Consulting

Sunday, May 12, 2013

There are only 4 jobs….and you are doing all….lucky you!!!

 I was reading article on actual job descriptions available to describe any job in the world

It reminded the connectivity of the same with creating lean management culture in an organisation with focus on continues improvement.

In the absence of such continues improvement culture empowering the front life on the floor employee base……. Employees continue to be more inclined to be a “Producer”. While any flash of “improver” is adhoc and by chance. Doesn’t give employee feel himself in that space.

In the presence of continues improvement culture… not empower to embed matured “producer” role …..they also progress to add in “Improver” and “Builder” role rapidly into their job description.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Payroll strategy/operation model good for your company...

I was preparing for a seminar in Singapore due on last May 2011.............but due to several reasons i couldn't make it.
The thoughts i gathered for the seminar with respect to payroll delivery model were something i wanted to share.
The specific aspect how a companies financial condition impact its payroll outsource or in source .... remote processing or in country processing......... high touch or high tech or both........ERP or best of the bread ........ country focus or region focus or global on.
I always propagated model of semiglobalisation (slide 4) by Pankaj Gemhawat to analyse the same.Bulleted List
The delivery model is a mix of :
1. Aggregation
2. Arbitrage
3. Adaptability
But question is what drives this mix.
I looked at financial details available on public domain for some companies to chk if that indicate towards difference in their model. Below is some details.
It was very evident that...... revenue per employee and profit margin per employee are big drivers . Along with companies operation profit margin. Though these ratios are industry driven but it is rather the financial position than industry which drove the companies payroll strategy.

Accurate Payroll

Accurate payroll 
is not about 
absence of errors
......presence of 
scalable & predictable process, 
robust technology and 
culture of continues improvement.

Swadeshi Movement, SDP, Lean, CI etc

I was reading through the book "Gandhi CEO".....

With Vision of Freedom for India Gandhi started Swadeshi Movement as a execution strategy. Calling the Indians to use only the cloths made in India with Indian material was at core of this  strategy . The execution of this strategy dint stop at this high level calling. He clearly understood......though our mills were having capability to weave cloths for Indian demand........but didn't had capacity to spin the yarn . Though he got suggestions about accepting imported yarn.....but he rejected as it didn't align with neither vision nor strategy.
So was the call for Yarn prepared manually using Chraka.

Vision=Indian Freedom
Strategy= Swadeshi movement
Execution= Hand woven yarn-Khadi

In Lean we use SDP or Hoshin Kanri ..... to do the exact above and create  X matrix.

It is such a learning to see ..........if we are search of truth or true north......... we do end up in same mechanism of execution.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Broken Process.......what do you mean by that???!!!

We always stumble on this topic when want to re engineer or transform or improve or simply change the process.........
we stumble upon broken process. But how will you say process is broken?

7 kinds of broken designs which Seth mentions......clearly works well with broken payroll processes ( or to define any broken process).
"Not my job" is the best I like..........this kind of broken process creeps into very well designed processes in outsourcing. We create clear process map along with clearly defined roles & responsibility.......which turns out be clear definition of " what I am not supposed to do". This leads to " not my job" syndrome leading well designed process into a broken process.

I am not going to state the obvious ....but this talk is definitely worth listening and one will be able to relate it to lot of experience we face in process re-engineering effort.

Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.